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To slash something.

That is, take an existing work of fiction and add or imply a homosexual subtext to it. Some do it because they find it amusing. Others do it because they find it arousing.

Most common targets for slashing are the Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings books and movies. Macho movies, especially 'Top Gun' and 'Fight Club' are also favoured targets of this activity.
#1: I love slashing the Lord Of The Rings movies. I know it's all about friendship but the way the actors play Sam/Frodo and Aragorn/Legolas I simply can't believe it's platonic.

#2: For the love of all that is holy will you STOP slashing Shindler's List!
by Korgmeister April 27, 2006
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Using a weapon of mass destruction (sword, knife, hockey stick, lamp post) to accuse someone of murder
You slashed the dog and he has lost his life. Why?
by Brando August 09, 2003
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