A tobacco dealer, who buys for minors ands sells to them at a much higher price.
The dutchman down the street buys chew and cigarettes for freshmen.
by Albric January 22, 2009
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a dutchman is a frik from boksburg... or even brakpan... pretoria, springs... also referred to as 1 2 3's (1 litre brandy, 2 litre coke, 3 litre enjin), clutchplate, plaasjapie, boer, frik, rockspider, koos, afrikaaner, fanie, can be compared to rednecks, hicks, hillbillies... please add salt...
steve hofmeyr is a prime example. "check that dutchman in his lekker 3 litre cortina wiff spinner hubcaps and a kief freeflow."
by ou soutpiel August 1, 2008
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A South African term for someone who is a murderer of the english language, usually applied to the Afrikaans speaking population but can be stretched out even further to include many populations.

The Dutchman is usually a hardcore man thats tough as nails, has a terrible fashion sense and can take on 20 men at one time (in his opinion)
The King of the Dutchman: Arnold Schwarzenegger is the ultimate dutchman!!!
by Tom-e-pee June 17, 2007
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matt van eerd, a giant 16 year old who comes to houses in the middle of the night and takes all the pepper from the kitchen. he then rubs it all over his body for sexual pleasure
matt came last night and took our pepper
by tyler February 16, 2005
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When you fart under the covers and pull the blankets over your partners head... then tickle them so they are forced to breathe deep in between bouts of laughter.... and tears.
Karen: Hey, smell this flower my boyfriend gave me!
Alyssa: I can't, Matt gave me the Laughing Dutchman last night and nothing has been right since...
Karen: Is that why you have been crying all day?
Alyssa: It was taco tuesday.
by Pink Eye in Both Eyes July 4, 2013
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Same thing as a dutch rudder, but with a cooler and more convenient name
As his best friend he gives him a dutchman handshake every week.
by mircea.ene July 29, 2010
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