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Shortend version of "episode"
"I can't wait for the next ep, why did it have to be a cliffhanger"
by Melbell September 03, 2005
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Sequel to Eragon and second book in the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. Much better then the first.
Eldest is the second book in the Inheritance Triology
by Melbell September 14, 2005
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If you were to have two choices, and one involved payment and one did not, the one that did not involve payment would be free-er then the other.
I'm going to get cash rather then have them draw up a cheque because its free-er that way.
by Melbell August 07, 2005
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Aussie slang for spiked, to have one's drink drugged.
I am far to chirpy this morning, has somebody micked my coffee?
by Melbell January 30, 2006
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now-now means you intend to do something immediatly, whereas now tends to mean you will do it soon.
"I'll do that now"
"Yes, now-now"
by Melbell August 06, 2005
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Civillians, often used by military personelle.
"Why aren't they in uniform?"
"They're civies here just visiting"
by Melbell September 23, 2005
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Much like a Barry boy, a Gary boy drives around in a car (usually some old model they bought second hand) with the music pumped up so loud that it shakes houses as they pass. Have often modified car's music system by stuffing speakers into the boot ect.
I was woken up by some Gary boy driving past the house at 2 in the morning, the music was so loud it made the windows rattle.
by Melbell September 21, 2005
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