Mha is the short version of the anime name "my hero academia" or "boku no hero academia"
" hey,do you know any good animes?"
" yeah! Mha and pokemon "
by Anonymous weeaboo May 03, 2019
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Mha stands for My Hero Academia. Which is a Japanese anime show. It's a really cool show
Girl 1:Omg have you seen the new episode of Mha.

Girl 2:Yeah Todoroki was so cute in it.
by November 18, 2020
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An Abbevation for My Humble Appologies, a short term meaning to be sorry or expressing regret.
Mike: "I broke your car, MHA I will fix it asap"
by Pro-Intel March 16, 2008
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Maroon Hoodie Army, created as a sort of fan club for popular Twilight fanfiction IEWIS (If Every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh). In the story the characters ahve a maroon hoddie and it ahs become a symbol of sorts to the book.
OMG, have you read IEWIS?!

Yeah, MHA ftw!
by nikki582 December 20, 2010
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