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a really great buzz. when things are going really great
"you're wreckin' me animal buzz, man!"
by s March 30, 2004
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Background: pushpanjali, gitanjali, shradanjali.

An offering to God
by s February 18, 2005
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Lie on the ground holding your boner straight up perpendicular to your body. Have your girl stand up and put her arms out to her side (like a plane). Then, tell her to lean forward and fall face first into your crotch thus catching your rod in her mouth. Only perform this fun little game if your partner does not have a gag reflex
by s July 31, 2003
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To acquire cash for fly gear by trickery or thievery
I needed new shoes so I busted out some creative financing on my bitch ass moms
by s June 18, 2004
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