an amazing fictional character who i wish was real
My friend:that's what happens when you look up "Todoroki smiling"
by Stimey McDongle April 30, 2019
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Todoroki is a HOT ASS ANIME CHARACTER. His quirk is half hot half cold. And you can call him icyhot. He is from the anime my hero academia, or boku no hero academia. When I say he’s HOT I mean SUPER DUPER ABSOLUTELY HOT.
by Animegirl2.0 November 11, 2019
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Todoroki, also known as Icy-Hot, is a spicy boi that can also be a cinnamon roll. The spot in his face is from boiling water. His dads also a bitch.
Kirishima: hey, have you soon that hot asf guy around?

Bakugo: Todoroki? Yea he went that way.

Kirishima: I didnt say his name yet...

Bakugo: ...
by Off Brand Aizawa February 1, 2019
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Todoroki, Shoto is a character from the well know anime my hero academia ( BNHA ) Todoroki’s quirk is ice and fire. He controls his ice with his right side and inherited this quirk from his mother. He controls his fire power with his left side and he inherited this quirk for his father, Endeavor ( Endeavour is the number 2 hero. His goal is to train Todoroki so he can beat All might and become the number 1 hero. ) Todoroki’s hair is half red and half white. Todoroki’s mother also poured boiling water over his left side ( his fire side ) when he was a child. She did this because she could not bear to look at his left side. Todoroki’s father is abusive and made Todoroki not want to use his left side. Todoroki’s classmate Midoriya, Izuku showed him that his fire quirk is his power and he should embrace it.
Bakugo : why don’t you use your left side ?

Shoto : It’s not mine it’s my fathers.
Midoriya : Todoroki, IT’S YOUR POWER.
by WordGeek12 March 1, 2019
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The Ice Man and the Torch's secret love child that they brutally traumatized and burned.

A Todoroki-kun also happens to be a hardcore gay boi for broccoli boi.
Broccoli boi once told Todoroki-kun *cough cough* Prince Zuko Jr that it was his quirk. Since that day Todoroki has never been the same.
by skittlechan.exe October 4, 2018
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When your dick is hot but the rest of you is cold
Your really Todoroki right now
by Bigbigbigboy April 1, 2019
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