It means cool, gangsta, gangster, neat, in style, etc.


1.Yo s0n, dem kickz b Mad Hot Gangsta.

TRANSLATION: Your shoes are way neato.

2.Y0 my skilz in halo 2 b of da chain, im likethe MHG in dat game. I pwn teh n00bz.

TRANSLATION:Im an expert in Halo 2, I am much better than the novices.
by Help1 March 9, 2006
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It means cool, neat or gangsta.

Yo, those kicks are Mad Hot Gangster.

Wow, those shoes are cool.
by help1 February 27, 2006
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When someone is standing near you, with dry, (hot) and smelling like your dog just shit in your back yard BREATH!
"Hey Katie, will you stop leaning over me, your going to knock me out with you MAD HOT SHIT BREATH!"
by Mane Bunter January 25, 2007
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