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An Abbevation for My Humble Appologies, a short term meaning to be sorry or expressing regret.
Mike: "I broke your car, MHA I will fix it asap"
by Pro-Intel March 16, 2008

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abbreviation for If I remember meaning that one will do something if they remember and will not do something if they do not.
Chris: Ill call you, iir


Mike: iir, i will be there on time.
by Pro-Intel March 18, 2008

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When you run your computer using any malware protection such as anti virus and dont use any firewalls.
Peter: I ran my computer without a condom and it picked up some nasty stds(viruses).
Dan: Why dont you use anti virus?
Peter: Because it uses too much system resources and I can just format my computer anyways
by Pro-Intel May 29, 2008

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1)When a husband kills his wife
(pronounced wife-e-cide)

2) When someone kills a wireless internet connection
(pronounced why-fi-cide)

3) When someones stops an something from smelling.
(pronounced Wiff-e-cide)
Example 1:1)
Officer Dan: Look at the bloody footprints leading away from the murder, this is a clear cut case of wificide.

Example 1:2)
Mike: Haha if that bitch(his wife) ever forgets my laundry again and I have to go to work in dirty clothes, a wificide is going to happen at 93 mirk st.(his address).

Example 2:1)
Chris: Fucking Damn Hackers commiting wificide on my network, they will pay for this

Example 2:2)
Matt: haha, I commited wificide on chris's network, I bet that bitch is mad as hell!

Example 3:1)
Sam: Damn that toliet stinks, someone get out the wificide
by Pro-Intel April 21, 2008

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When you dont want to spend money to support an ad supported website or ap. Instead of giving money you commit click fraud to give that website more ad revenue.

1) Jack liked his linux distro so much he wanted to give back, however he didnt want to give money and had no programming skills so he clickpromoted the website instead.

2)Max was friends with Kyle. Kyle had made a website. Max went onto his website and clickpromoted Kyles website because he was trying to encourage Kyle to spend more time and effort into his website.
by Pro-Intel April 29, 2008

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