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"Academia is a collective term for the scientific and cultural community engaged in higher education and peer-reviewed research, taken as a whole." -wikipedia

To put it frankly, academians (those who are in the field of academia) have the ability, and often do take anything which a regular person can describe in a few simple steps, and turn it into a 20 page guidebook comprised entirely of unnecissary information, not to mention they will have 20 different terms for the same thing without having any indication that those 20 things are just the same thing, and thus it will take you days to decode it back into those few simple steps.
"On Intellectual Craftsmanship

Before you are through with any piece of work,
no matter how indirectly on occasion, orient it
to the central and continuing task of
understanding the structure and the drift, the
shaping and the meanings, of your own period,
the terrible and magnificent world of human
society in the second half of the twentieth
century" - Typical Statement by a professor in Academia.
by Devildude October 17, 2006
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