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At a party or any other social function:

-Buy a box of condoms
-Take out one condom
-Take a pin and puncture the condom while in the wrapper
-Put the punctured condom back into the box
-Let people take the condoms freely

Much like russian roulette, this will end up with your life ending.
Person 1: "Did you hear Josh Chavez's cousins' friend got pregnant"?

Person 2: "Yeah, she was at a party a few weeks ago, we played mexican roulette".

Person 1: "You're going to hell".

Person 2: "I know".
by birkle April 24, 2008
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A "birth control" method which is essentially unprotected sex primarily practiced within Latin American ethnicities and Catholic religious denominations. The rhythm method.
Person one: Why does Maria have so many kids?
Person two: Mexican Roulette!
by Jasper Smeed September 02, 2005
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When an individual clearly has to drop some brown, but instead tempts fate by squeezing out a series seemingly abundant farts... much like squeezing the trigger in traditional Russian roulette.

A winning participant is blessed with the gift of hilarious flatulence and clean underwear, while a loser has to deal with the unpleasantness of a shart.
Karl's totally petrified of public toilets - he ended up losing at Mexican roulette last night at the bar and had to cab it home with shitty pants. What a douche.
by thedoodthemaninthechair April 20, 2005
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Mexican Roulette is similar to the game known as Russian Roulette. However, instead of bullets, your ammunition is your ass gas. One person farts, and the other returns fire. To win you must only fart, but not shart or soil yourself.
Travis'Mexican Roulette wheel had been spinning the entire weekend in Vegas. You sir have some serious flatulence!
by Da Pabs September 08, 2006
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Much like Russian Roulette only instead of one bullet and six chambers, six enchiladas are prepared; one of which has been stink fingered by a third party. Participants take turns eating them until the loser gets sick.
"Ever since I lost that round of Mexican Roulette, all Enchiladas taste like shit."
by darlda May 22, 2008
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When you're at a party and you're totally sloshed, 3 or more people gather around a bowl of chili with a bag of chips, adding a shot of hot sauce to the chili after each round. The contestants will rock paper scissors, roll dice, play quarters etc. to see who gets to eat first. After each person eats a chili chip, more hot sauce is added until the final loser eats the flaming hot remainder, possibly shitting themselves to sleep. Good times.
"Jake just ate all the silly chili and shit himself on my couch! Not cool! I'll go get the camera and a towel. I'm never playing mexican roulette again." sure...
by rattlesnake charmer August 31, 2008
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