v., tr.

Fraudulently joining up with friends on a "family plan" offered by a cell phone service provider.
"Hey man, you have to ditch that terrible phone. It takes ten minutes for you to text me."
"You're right. I've been thinking about jumping ship and family planning it with a friend."
by Moggraider August 20, 2009
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a place you go and pretend to have problems to get out of going to school
girl: oh crap i got social studies
boy: lets go to family planning
girl: yeh i'll say im pregnant
boy: ok and im the father
by phatmatt27 August 19, 2005
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What more people should practice. The alternative is to require licensing to procreate. Just because you can...doesnt mean you should!
The newspaper today is full of examples of poor family planning - starting in the political section and covering almost every page. Unfortunately. there are even examples in the arts section.
by Shrinmarie September 10, 2007
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1. Manual Family Planning at its best:

Guy: I'm gonna cum
Guy pulls his cock out of the bitch and sprays his load over her tits.
by Rafex June 6, 2006
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The act of setting a cellular phone to vibrate, shoving it in your ass, and calling it. Since this requires the use of multiple cells, it's advantageous to purchase two phones - on a family plan to save money - and use one as your personal phone and the other to shove in your ass.
Sometimes while beating my meat, I spice things up with a Pittsburgh Family Plan.

For my birthday, my wife gave me a Pittsburgh Family Plan and called me repeatedly while I railed her doggy style.

Shit, man, you have to try a Pittsburgh Family Plan while receiving a hummer.
by R_Rambone August 31, 2009
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Anal sex of the horny Catholic variety.
"Hey babe, you down for some natural family planning tonight? You definitely won't get pregnant."
by Krissy Johnson September 5, 2005
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