A form of natural family planning involving abstaining from sex for a number of days each month, long promoted as the only acceptable form of contraception by the Catholic Church. Common side effects include pregnancy.
Withdrawal is actually a more effective form of birth control than the so-called "rhythm method".
by LudwigVan April 11, 2005
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One of the most inefficient methods of contraception still used today. Involves having sex at the time of month at which the woman is least receptive (physically) to pregnancy.
Since he was too lazy to put on a condom, he decided to just use the rhythm method
by A equals A April 13, 2005
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A supposedly-effective/reliable means of avoiding pregnancy, this technique practically guarantees that you will "crank 'em out like an assembly line" on an even and regular basis!
Jim Bob Skullduggary and his wife practiced the rhythm method when they first started out to raise a family, and you see where THAT got them!
by QuacksO December 29, 2017
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A type of birth control in which one partner drugs the other with a sleeping pill prior to sex, with the intended effect that such person will fall asleep prior to ejaculation. This method is even less effective than the rhythm method and is not recommended.
"We're out of condoms, but it's no problem... I've got enough ambien for us to use the circadian rhythm method."

"Well, she's not on THE pill, but she's on A pill... circadian rhythm method style."
by maxkeepsitreal1 May 23, 2008
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Masturbating whilst in the stance and strumming style of Status Quo legend Rick Parfitt.
guy 1. I could see through your curtains -were you playing air guitar?

guy 2. No I was practicing Rick Parfitt's Rhythm Method
by dfghjks July 28, 2009
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