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(adjective) scared stiff, alarmed, stunned, startled, astonished.
Machine Shop rockin when we step inside, and we got everybody so petrified. -- M.Shinoda FortMinor, 'Petrified'
by _N_r_chy September 22, 2005
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alcohol intoxicated(another way of saying stoned (out))
That car was swerving so much, the driver had to be petrified.
by Light Joker March 14, 2005
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adj. stoned so often that acute effects on thought are outwardly noticeable.
little bitch is petrified, no wonder he get no love.
by observer of the obvious November 17, 2003
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adjective: petrified


so frightened that one is unable to move; terrified.

"the petrified child clung to her mother"


(of organic matter) changed into a stony substance; ossified.

"petrified wood"
Person1: Hey man!
Person2: Look what I found!
Person1: What is it?
Person2: I found some petrified wood!
by Auerus April 09, 2016
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