(adjective) scared stiff, alarmed, stunned, startled, astonished.
Machine Shop rockin when we step inside, and we got everybody so petrified. -- M.Shinoda FortMinor, 'Petrified'
by _N_r_chy September 23, 2005
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alcohol intoxicated(another way of saying stoned (out))
That car was swerving so much, the driver had to be petrified.
by Light Joker March 15, 2005
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adj. stoned so often that acute effects on thought are outwardly noticeable.
little bitch is petrified, no wonder he get no love.
by observer of the obvious November 18, 2003
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An unreasonable (or is it?)phobia of treating computer mouse as a pet.
I'm petrified of sharpening my mouse instead of my pencil.
by Hercolena Oliver July 11, 2008
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The act of bringing both of ones hands together to create a fist, then using it has a battle ram, plunging it into some sort of hole.
Yo Albert and CJ hold open this girls legs as I preform the Petrifier.

Don't drop the soap or someone may give you the petrifier.
by The Saaaucceee January 17, 2012
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In West-Central Scotland: To embellish, exaggerate and generally expand the true meaning of a story, often losing the truth in the process
He was known to petrify accounts of his various visits to Manchester
by RedTorpedo February 24, 2010
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Something absolutely scary and shocking that leaves the crowd shocked.
When I heard of the ghost it was petrifying
by gyfygyfygyfy October 16, 2014
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