A condom. Like you "wrap" a guys thing in it.
Guys, always practice "safe" sex by wearing a wrapper.
by Emily! August 09, 2007
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To take simple beats or karaoke tracks, auto tune or mumble hood words, add a fictitious/hood/gang related back story for street credibility, more Pop than Hip Hip, wrap it up in a package and sells it. Slowly killin Hip Hop.
Flash and Melle Mel are Grandmasters, Lyte, RUN DMC, and Chuck D are MC's, Snoop and Eminem are rappers.
Lil Wayne, Soulja and more, are Wrappers.
by Cas Kenwood August 23, 2010
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A technical term used by the toilet paper industry to describe a person who wraps the toilet paper around their hand, and uses the who hand to wipe themselves. This is considered the most dangerous technique, and using anything less than 3-ply could have disastrous results.
"Hey man, how do you wipe your ass?"
"Oh, I'm a wrapper."
"Dude. Gross. I'm never shaking your hand again."
by thecrumpler August 30, 2006
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1) the female reproductive organ, aka the vagina
2) also used to cover the lollipop
"I wanna lick da wrapper"
by Dr. Wrapper July 17, 2008
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A rapper who ran out of cool ways to spell words incorrectly.
Biatch, don't phuk wit mee. I'm a gudd daam wrapper.
by Dude Man December 29, 2004
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Elaboration: As in i might never see you again so we should have a coke together and then you can say "cheers" or whatever but it would be SO much cooler to say "wrappers!"
Person #1: Do you know that in some language instead of saying "cheers" when they clink glasses they say wrappers?
Person #2: No but thats so cool
*both people clink glasses*
Both person 1 and 2: "Wrappers"
by Zoe+Arielle April 19, 2005
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