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verb. To perform improvised songs to strangers on video chat sites, such as chat roulette or omegle. The songs are made up on the spot, with the subject matter typically pertaining to the chat partner. Videos of the songs are often uploaded to YouTube.
Dude, were you just singing? - Yeah, I'm mertoning; people love that shit
by mertonfan December 30, 2010
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An extremely powerful, yet underrated black magic spell that damages enemies as well as the magic casters and their accompanying party members. The spell typically is an explosive non-elemental "meltdown" derived from fire, wind, and dark elements. Casting Merton is quite a useful way to eliminate enemies quickly provided you cast "Reraise" or "Autolife" on your characters to resurrect them after the explosion. Merton spells typically let off a "screeching" roar as they destroy everything in their path.
Merton is featured in several "Final Fantasy" games, namely Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VIII. It is also featured in other RPGs such as "Rudra no Hihou." Final Fantasy is a trademark of the Square-Enix Company, a popular manufacturer of video games.
by FF9399 July 30, 2005
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the traditional and historical home of Wimbledon FC, but an idiot named Charles Koppel did not appreciate this so he got the spineless monkeys of the FA to appoint a 3 man commission to sanction the move of the club to Milton Keynes.
of course, the fans did not like the fact that their club deserted them so they formed AFC Wimbledon.
by AFCW April 26, 2004
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An insult for someone who is interested in the occult or a nerd. ALso used for Goths. Not very offensive as it's not well known. Taken from the series 'Big Wolf on Campus' which starred Danny Smith as Merton J Dingle a Gothic nerd with an occult obbsession.
"Have you seen that new lad- he's such a Merton."
"Black nail varnish, Book of Shadows and 100% in Science- you'resuch a Merton."
by Radclyffe December 01, 2003
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