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From the comedy sci-fi show Red Dwarf smeg-head is an insult which can mean 'idiot' or basically 'bastard.'
"You complete smeg head Lister."
"He's such a smeg head he'd stick his finger in a plug socket."
by Radclyffe November 08, 2003

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A TV show which is basically the league of gentlemen spread out over the rest of Britian. Zany and dark in part, but hilarious in every way, like the League- most characters are played by the smae two actors. A must see.
Little Britian is almost as good as the League.

"Yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but." (If you've seen it you'll know!)
by Radclyffe December 01, 2003

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Played by Billy Boyd, Pippin has an excellent singing voice and is one of the cutest Fellowship members! If you see a sweet hobbit-looking boy you can call him a Frodo, but if he also has a sense of humour you call him Pippin.
Have you seen that new lad, such a Pippin!
by Radclyffe January 22, 2004

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An animated comedy which makes little sense but still seems one of the most amusing things on telly this decade.
"Monkey Dust- BBC3 - 9:30 - Tuesday (?) Watch it!"
by Radclyffe December 01, 2003

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In the immortal words of Peter Kay comedy GENIUS
1) It's the future- I've tasted it.
2) Garlic? Bread? Bread wi' garlic in?
"It's bread right, bread with garlic in!"
by Radclyffe January 01, 2004

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From the sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf.
Someone very stupid. A form of shit for brains. An insult.
"Hey, smeg for brains- get us another beer."
by Radclyffe November 08, 2003

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Kurt Cobain: Everything about his past and his lifeh as already been defined- all that remains to say is that he was the greatest singer in my opinion. So many incredible songs, so many fans and yet- so many haters.R.I.P Kurt Cobain- Boddah loves you forever.
Kurt Cobain may not have been a God of Music- but he was the closest thing on this Earth.
by Radclyffe July 30, 2004

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