Darnell is an amazing guy. He's special. Different. More than often everyone likes him and enjoys his company. His taste in music an thoughts an views on life are perfection. He's deep. At first glance he's just a really cute guy that's tall an amazing at basketball with a beautiful smile. But he's so much more than that. The way he talks about things and laughs is refreshing. You couldn't ever get bored with a guy like darnell. He's an amazing friend, brother, son, boyfriend & more. If you've got a darnell, you're blessed.
Darnell is the best guy ever.
by Jffvm February 21, 2017
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Darnell- an exceptional guy. Down right amazing. Very very attractive. Often black. Very open minded, a great friend always there to support you in a time of need and will always stand up for what's right. Critical and quick to state his opinion, very honest. He's a great boyfriend and he has no problem with admitting his feelings for you as long as he feels you're deserving of them. Loves with all of his heart and will give you the world if feasible. Very silly, funny, laid back, well educated articulate, and a freak on the low. Darnell's like to try new things especially when with loved ones. An all around perfect guy. If you meet a Darnell smother him with love and kisses and keep him around for as long as possible.
Omg, that guy was so well spoken and cute, such a Darnell!
by CandiiM. March 16, 2013
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Darnell’s are the type of people that is usually quiet around people they don’t know but aren’t afraid to get to know people and are chill when they first get to know you but can be a little too hyper at times but mostly pretty chill and try not to get them upset even though they tend to a lot sometimes they take things to far and will fight anyone and not afraid to be honest about what they have to say and very arrogant,athletic,funny,creative,smart,caring,handsome and a little crazy and difficult in a way often look like fuck boys but when it comes to relationships they will do anything to try to spoil their s/o often flirts a lot a “sexoholic” is the best way I can explain”Don’t hurt or lose a Darnell”because they are hard to get back and takes a while for them to trust you again and are pretty strong but secretly has a soft spot you just have to find it but try to get you a Darnell
Man Darnell cool as shit

Imma get Darnell to beat yo ass

Darnell is cute
by That one girl crazy March 6, 2020
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Darnell is a sweet adorable person, usually of a darker skin tone. Darnells often make your day better with their presence and always find a way to cheer you up. If you want to hang out with Darnell, you can hop on a surviv.io server with him and play with him. They are very good and will carry you to victory. Overall darnells are black, and great people.
Boi u talkin bout my nigga Darnell. He carried me in surviv.io!
by Darnell lover 123 October 29, 2019
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A handsome young boy that get girls expesailly pretty girls
Fucks a lot of girls get you a darnell
by Usher thomas December 17, 2016
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He is a fun type of guy that is very reckless and gives no shii for how you feel. But as well compassionate and so soothing, he is a friend you need there when you are feeling down. He thinks he is going to be the best person in the world someday maybe that will come true. Though it seems impossible I believe in him. Yes this darnell is going to be this sexual person who don't know boundaries or what don't touch me means though I do not know what it means either. He is the best person to meet.
Darnell your my best friend.
by Materuty February 10, 2017
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A very savage person that is willing to do anything thing for his friends a very cool person and a person that throws a lot of stuff.he can also still your girl and talk lots of shit
Darnell is very savage
by Iytu May 25, 2017
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