the act of comminting homicide upon another person. usually following a black on black arguement and involving guns
Jerome: Yo my nigga!! What tha fuck happened? Jamal: Yo that bitch ass nigga tried to catch me slippin so i had to merk his ass!!
by babymitchy January 24, 2009
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To murder someone.It's a urban word,that is often used in today's hip-hop battles.
You feelin' to get hurt, merked put em' in the dirt
Boy you betta catch me first-T.I.
by acirema January 30, 2008
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Jacking someones "swagga" and adding it to your own swag to increase your level of swagitude.
Jake: "Ay yo, you just got Merked - by me!"

Jerp: "OMG I feel naked now!"

Jake: "hehe"
by BillyBobSwag October 17, 2012
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to be held down like a bitch and have your pubes shaved off and then they slap some fake pubes on your freshly shaven bald private parts with some sticky glue, see also "merkin"
Shiloh was talkin' trash, so his homies merked his dumb ass. . . .then they laughed at their work.
by sjte5409 January 29, 2009
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To totally own (or pwn) something or someone but implies ejaculating all over them afterwords.
Commonly used in sports, specifically swimming.

Can be used as a noun: Merkage
Swimmer 1: Oh total merkage! I just destroyed you!
Swimmer 2: *cry* You douchebag!

Kid 1: Hell yeah, I totally merked that kid in debate class.
Kid 2: Yeah man, you raped his ear pussy with words.

Girl 1: Can girls merk someone?
Guy 1: Most definitely babe.
by Dub Ard September 9, 2009
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1. (v)- In the online gaming community, to merk someone is considered the ultimate act of pwning n00bs using craft and precision to exact said n00b's death. The situation is generally exacerbated by prolific trash talking, and consummates in excessive tea bagging and/ or a gonzo.

2. (v)- The act of destroying an individual in real life in a sexually or physically abusive way.
"Holy crap, Leroy! When that guy got merked by that 50 cal in Modern Warfare 2, his head exploded like a melon!"

"Jimminy crickets, Batman! The Joker just merked Catwoman and then tea bagged her for hours!"
by Burton Christiansen November 14, 2009
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