a word one uses that is not an actual English defined/recognized word, but according to Urban Dictionary, is legit.
I don't understand kids these days & their lack of properly defined vocabulary... but I keep hearing each is an urban word, therefore, totally acceptable. I feel so old.
by GlazeHer June 19, 2016
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a daily, often flimsy and apparently unmoderated attempt at humor, hipness or wordplay.
I just posted the first thing that popped into my head and miraculously it became Urban Word Of The Day.
by Grandpa Scorpion December 4, 2010
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A daily email sent to those on the Urban Dictionary newsletter mailing list. The 'Urban Word of the Day' is the word and definition selected for the day's newsletter. Most of these receive instant thumbs downs, as they are somewhat random, and most of the good words on this site are already taken.
As of today, 'SOML', 'iflml', and 'going multiball' are the three latest 'Urban Word of the Day's. Each has at least twice as many downward thumbs as there are thumbs up.
by LeeEyeLa June 5, 2009
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when wish you can know every fucking word added on this site.
urban word anxiety: so many fucking words I just skimmed through, but there's millions more.
by MrBates July 29, 2010
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Urban Word of the Year

It is the new Urban Word of the year and gets voted by thousands of no-lifers or people that just happen to stop by for it's voting process.

The UWofY will hang around until the next year passes.

People usually go crazy and vote their own made up words so they can feel important
Vote this word for Urban Word of the Year!
by Elywabbit November 2, 2010
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