short for the word "merchandise". in liverpool

i.e weed, canabis etc
alrite lad any merch?
by drcannabis June 20, 2006
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something you say when something’s all good or replacement for “cool” or “sweet” and can be used something to say if you’re excited about something or you did something right
example: “ I got you coke instead of pepsi”
it’s all good don’t worry about it”

“We changed our plans and we’re all gonna hang out on Saturday instead of Friday”

“Yes, 47 is the correct answer you got it right”
by Everlan October 30, 2019
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A response used when someone shares a story or says something that is interesting. Used by Alternative wannabe gangsters that often use terms such as: Folk, Gang Gang, Loud, Plug,etc..
Rob: Aye folk, I just fucked that bad bitch from around the corner fam.
Dylan: Damn really bro! Merch gang on some real shit! 🙌🏽
by Andy_Rece February 09, 2017
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commercial "merch" grade marijuana.. just pot.. not Kind Bud Or Cronic
it was just merch but i passed it off as cronic
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
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1. Short for merchandise

2. Synonym for a dude's junk

3. A pointless word that has absolutely no meaning, usually used to greet others or said after a purchase. When used by many in a group of men, it means they all want each other's cocks in their ass.
Ben: "Ayyyye bruh i finally got my food, MERCH!"

Everyone else: "MERCH!"
by FinnaSmash55 October 14, 2017
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To fail on a level so great that ritualistic suicide is the only logical next step.
Brett Favre's pass against the Saints was such a merch.

Did you hear about Mike? He accidentally fucked a tranny. Such a merch.

I merched. Now I have AIDS.
by BTYS February 04, 2010
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