Chicago slang meaning to put it on something, or to be able to provide factual evidence that something is what you're claiming it to be.
Merch they sell Jordan’s on Walmart website!


She started that beef and I can merch it
by Tikibomb October 24, 2018
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Chicago slang for prove or put on something
Girl 1:”a whole group of bitches just tried to jump me”!
Girl 2:”MERCH!
Girl 1:on my mama they did!

Boy 1:me and my girl just fucked
Boy 1:I can prove it I recorded it

Boy 2:omg lemme see

So now u know both definitions one is proving and one is putting it on something hopefully u get the point😂
by DiamondGiselle April 22, 2019
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Usually means providing a series of evidence of some kind to explain an event or action.
I just bought a a brand new car, and I can merch it.

Merch it he just kissed that hoe.

I got alot of money, and I cant merch it on your momma.
by Chiraq December 8, 2012
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A shorting of merchandise, usually used for fandoms, like when you go to buy clothes or buttons or toys with things from your tv show on them.
Person 1: OMG I'm so exited for comic-con!
Person 2: I know, especially for the merch!
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A response used when someone shares a story or says something that is interesting. Used by Alternative wannabe gangsters that often use terms such as: Folk, Gang Gang, Loud, Plug,etc..
Rob: Aye folk, I just fucked that bad bitch from around the corner fam.
Dylan: Damn really bro! Merch gang on some real shit! 🙌🏽
by Andy_Rece February 10, 2017
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Ones belonings or merchandise
that ho stole my merch.
by Lil bow September 16, 2006
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To fail on a level so great that ritualistic suicide is the only logical next step.
Brett Favre's pass against the Saints was such a merch.

Did you hear about Mike? He accidentally fucked a tranny. Such a merch.

I merched. Now I have AIDS.
by BTYS February 5, 2010
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