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Like Bye Felicia but extra nasty and implies that the person you're dismissing is ugly.
After Matt's girlfriend had cheated on him he dumped her and said 'Bye Fuglicia!'
by 1dead March 15, 2019

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Name for Jungkook of the KPop band BTS.
The BTS fans all screamed when they saw Fugkook emerge onto the stage, looking ugly.
by 1dead March 17, 2019

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Doing paid to posts on Instagram.
Now that Oliver's got 100k followers, he's gonna be merching the fuck out of his IG.
by 1dead June 22, 2019

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A house party full of fuckboys and skanky girls, all drunk and trying to hook up.
Ai-eee boy, gonna be a hoefest down at Tommo's tonight - you coming ?
by 1dead July 07, 2019

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Hopeless fucker who was in One Direction but can't sell records as a soloist.
Louis Floplinson is useless.
by 1dead July 11, 2019

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Massive junkie from One Direction.
Boy, Zayn Malik is gonna be joining the 27 Club next year the way he's going aye.
by 1dead June 29, 2019

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The really ugly one from One Direction.
Louis Tomlinson can't sing and he is so nasty looking.
by 1dead April 30, 2019

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