One of the best bands ever. They've been around for twenty years, and they're going stronger than many of the young upstarts fresh out of the gate. They're currently on Patton's Ipecac Records, the place for music. Quite plainly, they just rip shit.

Buzz "King Buzzo" Osbourne--Guitars/vocals
Dale Crover--Drums
Kevin Rutmanis--bassist
Metallica fan: "St. Anger was such a dissapointment. I want to like it, but I just can't."
Melvins fan: "Check out Pigs of the Roman Empire, the Melvins still know how to make music, unlike Metallicock."
by Virgil Caine May 30, 2005
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1.) The earlier of the modern term a wedgie or wedgy. It is defined primarily when a perpetrator goes behind an individual (normally a male), and yanks the underwear band up so as to get a major percentage of the underwear in question up the buttocks crevice. 2.) The results of insufficient wiping of the anus and surrounding areas thereof, which entails the common term skid marks (manure streaks in undergarments). 3.) The sensation that leads a person to conclude that A.) They are experiencing a less than fresh ass. B.) May have an undeterminate dingleberry remaining in the rectum, anus, or quite conceivably the less than desirable buttocks region. C.) Gives the false impression of the presence of Melvins, when, in fact, the nerve endings in the bottom of someone's ass are being affected by anal perspiration, or the tingling feelings caused by butt, or, pubic hairs, perhaps both! This may cause great anxiety with people on a date and those that are anticipating a potential sexual encounter.
High School Shenanigans: "I got that dork, Myron, and gave him the 'Melvins' so hard that it changed his singing voice!"

Laundry Person: "That bastard might be rich, but I wash his funky, stanky drawers all the time. The worst is when I run across his shorts and they have unremmovable 'Melvins'!"

Nervous Male: He was rather confident in his speech and demeanor, however, Joe the Maintenance at the Retreat near the city center, was overtly concerned about his 'Melvins'! He hoped that there was a restroom nearby so he could deal with the moist and sloppy feelings there.
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado March 1, 2008
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a kickass band!
some say that they inspired nirvana and co-invented what later became known as grunge.
in fact kurt cobain was one of their biggest fans in the early days.
they also became popular in the stoner rock / doom metal scene with some of their releases and got respect by the punks for colaborating with jello biafra...anyway, the melvins always keep it experimental so you can't tell what genre they fit into.
today the melvins release on ipecac (mike paton ring a bell?)...there could be no bettter label for them
by SgrDD April 8, 2008
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a boy you love to look at. his skin is perfecty smooth and tan, his eyes are dark and dangerous and his smile is to die for. he's very smart especially in creative writing even if he is somewhat an overachiever. he loves soccer and is fiercly loyal to his friends. with just a wink he'll melt your heart and you will promise him your virginty. he can own your vagina with just a glance.
girl 1: omg did you see that guy?? he winked at me and my vagina belonged to him
girl 2: oh yeah that happened to me yesterday, he's such a melvin.
by torimusic April 30, 2012
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One of the very first people that created ninjas nearly two thousand centuries ago.
A very powerful ninja known to dominate the rival ninja known as Jasmin.
His power is so mighty it is said that it rivals that of Chuck Norris.
A tour-group came to a huge city that was totally demolished; "what happened here," they asked. The guide simply said Melvin.
by kaibakid February 11, 2010
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A frontal wedgie. Instead of underpants being up your butt crack, they ride up into the labia.
It is not okay to pick your Melvin in public.
by alicenwundrlnd October 15, 2014
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