A legendary card in clash royale. Users of this card are usually virgins who thrive in their mothers basement and only come out to use their moms credit card and purchase gems. The mega knight itself is a fat piece of shit with tons of armor and fists full of spikes. This shitbag needs to be nerfed
"Hey, thanks for coming out to me." "No problem, I just knew using a mega knight was the best way of telling you that I was Gay."
by LocalDroid80 November 12, 2020
A Mega Knight is a card in the mobile game known as Clash Royal, which is only used by whores and mega fags. When having a huge push built up and getting a Mega Knight dropped right on your dick will surely have you think about killing yourself. When your man smoocher opponent slaps down a Mega Knight you might as well close the app and delete it cause that is an insta loss.
I made fourteen kids kill them selfs today because i put Mega Knight in my deck
by MegaKnightHater69 June 21, 2021
Just another Word for being a single virgin with no friends no dad nobody to love and overall some dumbasses
Who can never win a game at all if you combine mega night with rage and tornadoe you will surely wanna make your opponent wann comit sucide in some paid to win bullshit mobile game
Hi im a virgin with brain cancer cause i use mega knight
by DFngibgrjg March 10, 2022
Mega Knight is a card from clash royale, anyone who uses this shitbag is a fucking virgin and will have to adopt a child and say "Yeah i fucked this chick", when in reality it was a 700lb fat ass who hasn't left her bed for at least a year. He also would use Lumberloon. So he fucked his uncle and used that to say, i lost my virginity
Person 1: I use mega knight
Person 2: Fuck you i hope you end up in hell you finger yourself for life.
Person 1: I already do
by Big Black Monkey Balls July 28, 2022
The Knight from clash royale that's used in meta decks. (Term for People who use Mega knight: Loser)
The Mega Knight is cringe
by Sow Sowee April 21, 2022
A legendary card in the evil game Clash Royale. People who use this card consist of the scummiest pieces of shit the world has ever seen. This card is so overpowered that even cards such as Elite Barbarians and the Royal Giant aren't even close to being overpowered compared to this bastard.
"How did you know I was retarded, gay, and a piece of shit?"

"It was easy, I saw the Mega Knight in your deck."
"Oh that makes sense."
by ThePumpkinGhost March 31, 2022
A powerful legendary card in clash royale. It's 7 elixir which means it's not cheap. This legendary card has a lot of hitpoints but does a moderate amount of damage. What makes this card op is his jump, his jump deals 2 times his original damage meaning it can kill the magic archer and mother witch with it's jump. The mega knight can almost defeat all the ground troop in the game besides pekka and inferno tower. The mega knight is the third card in the game with the most hitpoints and it is one of the most annoying cards in the game.
The mega knight is gay because of his hitpoints and jump damage.
by RandomGuyIsCool November 23, 2022