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The self-proclaimed king of Dreamland who used to want to CLOBBA DAT DAIR KIRBEH. Dedede has become more of an ally to Kirby in his recent adventures but the two still have a rivalry.
"Who just stole all of our food?"
"Oh that was just King Dedede."
by ThePumpkinGhost April 1, 2022
A legendary card in the evil game Clash Royale. People who use this card consist of the scummiest pieces of shit the world has ever seen. This card is so overpowered that even cards such as Elite Barbarians and the Royal Giant aren't even close to being overpowered compared to this bastard.
"How did you know I was retarded, gay, and a piece of shit?"

"It was easy, I saw the Mega Knight in your deck."
"Oh that makes sense."
by ThePumpkinGhost March 31, 2022