A legendary 7 Elixir card which is typically used for defense to defeat tanks or swarms and can be used for counter pushing. It is unlockable at Arena 7(Royal Arena). At level 9 it does 222 damage, 444 spawn damage and has 3333 health. It has the unique property of jumping which has the same attack damage as spawning. It requires a minimum of 3.5 tiles and a maximum of 5 tiles to activate the jump attack. It's is one of two cards to have a charge attack as well as being one of three cards to have spawn damage. It walks medium speed and only attacks ground. It can commonly be countered by minion horde, inferno dragon, Pekka, Inferno tower or mini pekka(all cards must be equal or better for best results and there are many more ways to counter a mega knight). The mega knight(when not star leveled) is a big troop which posses a black chassis with a helmet design similar to the dark prince, has chainmail under the plate armour similarly to knight and has to black spiked spherical gauntlets to smash his opponents. When counter pushing, it is recommended to use a splash troop, anti air troop, tank killer, freeze spell, zap, or horde troops to take care of tank killers or inferno troops quickly depending on the opponents deck.
"He lands with the force of 1000 mustaches, then from one foe to the next dealing huge area damage. Stand aside!" - Clash Royale, Mega Knight Bio
by AFG-K August 14, 2021
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Hey I used mega knight on my deck today

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by Nate is 6’7 June 28, 2021
A legendary card in clash royale that no one likes, basically if you use this then you have no friends tbh
Player 1: *Places mega knight*
Player 2: wtf bro
by November 23, 2021
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