Can a virtual character cause cancer? Yes.

Originally, Elite Barbarians were made to be a Defend and Punish type of card. That was the initial purpose of the card, but as of writing this definition, Elite Barbarians are used as a "Win Condition". Im pretty sure you know what it means.

But simply dropping E Barbs (Elite Barbarians for short. Annoying to type.) at the other side of the map at the bridge with no thought is simply wrong in every way. The only real counters are either PEKKA or Skarmy.(Beats the shit out of Mega Knight, aka Mega Gay, E barbs, E Giant, and every braindead card in the game. Except swarms.)
But if you drop a pekka on top of E Barbs, you get a negitive trade of 1 Elixir, but you would say that the PEKKA can do a counterpush.

But the most shittiest thing is that the PEKKA would be at 1/3rd of its health. Its not enough for a real counterpush. And including the fact that most E Barbs are overlevelled and do apeshit amounts of damage, it doesn't make any sense.
And soon enough, they drop Mega Knight on top.

Skarmy is another effective counter however, but they can simply be zapped or arrowed. So much for that.

Adding Rage, Freeze makes kids autistic.

Side Effects of using Elite Barbarians:
Death Threats, Cancer, Allergic to Grass, and the Sun in general, Autism, Loss of friends, sudden loss of fathers and family, and in some extreme cases, loss of real bitches. And if beaten by a skilled player, ego loss.
Normal Clash Royale Mid Ladder deck:
Mega Knight, Elite Barbarians (YOU ALREADY HAVE A FUCKING TANK), The Log, Wizard (Why), Witch (YOU ALREADY HAVE WIZARD BRUH), Zap, Goblin Barrel (Synergizes with NOTHING) etc.
by A weak dick March 10, 2022
Elite barbarians are a card that are the absolute scum which resides on the bottom of my shoe. the people who use them have never touched a blade of grass in their life that is caused by the trauma of their father leaving them
person 1: wow they use Elite barbarians
person 2: they lack a father
by Unknown gamer Fortnite is dead February 9, 2022
A card in the game "Clash Royale", which is commonly referred to take zero skill in order to use properly. It costs 6 elixir and does major damage to anything they reach. It's commonly used by fatherless players, and is an LGBTQ+ Icon.
Clan Member 1: Aye dude what's your win condition?
Clan Member 2: Oh, I just use Elite Barbarians as my win condition.
Clan Member 1: I knew you were gay.
by soapinabottle22 February 10, 2023
Elite Barbarians are the scummiest troop to use in the game 'Clash Royale' developed by Supercell. A person using Elite barbarians usually has no skill or a life and should quit playing the game.
Person 1: Wow that person is using Elite Barbarians
Person 2: He must be a pretty scummy player to use those
by TuBrogre November 27, 2017
The shittiest shit you’ll ever shit. The mere sight of them makes people shit.
Elite barbarians are the best card ever!
by I lik peenis August 4, 2020
using the elite barbarian in the game called "clash royal" will surely make your oponent kill themselves within seconds. If you want to cause massive brain damage to everyone you verse, this is the best way to do it.
Yo did u see me use elite barbarian? i came out gay!
did you just see those elite barbarian he just placed, surely this is the best moment to commit suicide.
by the monkey 9000 December 15, 2021
The Elite Barbarians card is unlocked from the Hog Mountain (Arena 10). It spawns 2 single-target, melee, stronger, faster Barbarians with helmets, moderately high hitpoints and very high damage potential. An Elite Barbarians card costs 6 Elixir to deploy.

this card was a mistake.
I don't know why they nerf the miner when this thing exists

reasons why it's op:
it's common, which might be a flaw or a advantage, depending on your perspective
it has high health
it deals high damage
most of the time, you can only effectively counter it with negative trades
even 2.6 struggles to make a positive trade, since their primary defense (mostly) is protect the musketeer with ice golem, but the high damage allows the gay barbs to kill the musketeer fast.

The fact that I can't even call ebarb cycle skilled just shows how unskilled this card is.
Also, did you know that Supercell itself made the notorious combo with rage? Yes. They did.

This makes EA look like a developer of a underrated game that isn't money hungry, this makes Meowbahh look like Jesus Christ, also this makes JellyBean look like Yahweh and makes GE3T3E look like the guy that created Yahweh....

I have too many insults for them that I'm not even finishing it.

Tl;dr: if you use this card, you have no skill, you have no father and you have no friends.
Bozo: i use elite barbarians, the nigh unbeatable win condition with rage.
People who are sane: your blocc button looks good rn
by mgkisgood6969 April 20, 2022