Common reference to a homosexual used in certain Boston neighborhoods
Wow that dude is a real deal smoocher
by Mike February 11, 2005
To copy off of someone else; take their ideas
That smoocher copied off of my test.
by Christie LURR September 19, 2007
1. A young troublemaker between the ages of 12 and 19 with long scruffy hair in his/her face, typically wears any type of skater sneaker along with a hoodie sweatshirt, and constantly gets in trouble for participating in brainless activities or causing disturbances (i.e. pulling plants out of the ground and throwing them at moving cars).

2. a young troublemaker between the ages of 12 and 19 that travels in peer groups of 6-10; can be seen riding outside on bikes and skateboards while screaming "you are a kitty smoocher" at passers-by, or at hang-out places like malls, movie theaters or the local A&W.

This term originated in RI, after definition #2 actually started happening to people in the area.
Jay: I was outside yesterday trying to fix my car, and a bunch of kids with scruffy hair on bikes and skateboards rode by screaming unintelligible words, what is that all about?

Me: Oh, it's just the neighborhood kitty-smoochers at it again, just ignore them.
by jadex99 January 13, 2011
peepee puffer, dick sucker, pole smoker
anything to do with lips around the male organ.
by jfmjr October 1, 2008
A Homosexual male, that when in a feel good mood will smooch a penis.
Dude, Look at that Liberachi lookin Mother Fucker. I'd be willing to bet he's a PeePee SMOOCHER.
by Michael A. Mashke August 25, 2005
A whisker smoocher is usually a gay (or bisexual) male that has an attraction to men with beards, facial hair (whiskers), and overall grit. Unlike the stereotypical gay person with modern fashion sense, whisker smoochers are usually found hanging around construction sites, dive bars, and truck stops with Carhartt jackets and work boots.
Tony: Hey did you know that guy from the bar that kept talking to you all night?
Zack: No, I think he was just some whisker smoocher that was digging my rugged hands and epic beard.
Tony: Woah. Didn't think I was witnessing a Brokeback Mountain type of situation....
by Great Seany October 2, 2017