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The hottest name ever for a nickname of a guy. It means that they have a buzz cut and they just look like an egg. They huge dicks and are very respectful.
Eggison on top
by Big Black Monkey Balls August 15, 2022
Tsambika is a beach in Greece. Apparently, it is also a name now, so it seems pretty cool. The beach is pretty cool and I have been there once or twice IDK how tf would I know? The person's name is apparently Greek which comes as a surprise and has an angry greek mother that lets her go nowhere. They also seem to enjoy songs like "4 big guys" or "Deepthroat" a lot. I mean, who can blame them they are extremely good songs.

Pls help me I was forced to do this or else I would have mysterious circumstances happen
Mum: Tsambika! Where do you think you are going right now?
Tsambika: Mum im going to school
Mum: Oh ok
Tsambika: Apologies where?
Mum: Should I trust you or are you hitting the vapes with your friends?
Tsambika: Definitely the first one mum trust me
by Big Black Monkey Balls August 18, 2022
Robloxians are from the popular video game Roblox. Most likely to be in the age group of 4-12 or fucking grown men who are playing a childs game. The older men are usually into watching fucking porn or hentai. They are also either extremely overweight and have their stomach lying on their desk to play their 20-48 hour sessions of Roblox and porn. The younger group probably stole their mum's credit card to spend over 5000 bucks on the game. They also probably play da hood and have a gang of old men that worship them.
Person 1: Yo gang wanna hop on da hood
Gang: Sure "All get fat boners when they hear his voice:
Gang member 1: Be my kitten now mummy
Person 1: No my mum said no
Gang: Let your mum in😉
Person 1: We are swag robloxians tho
by Big Black Monkey Balls August 17, 2022
I wock is something that lil yachty has taken to the country of Poland. He continuously says "I took the woooooooooock to Poland"
Person 1: Lil yachty, what did you take to Poland again?
Lil Yachty: I took the woooooooooock to Poland.
Person 1: The wock or woooooooooock?
Lil Yachty the woooooooooock
by Big Black Monkey Balls October 25, 2022
Mega Knight is a card from clash royale, anyone who uses this shitbag is a fucking virgin and will have to adopt a child and say "Yeah i fucked this chick", when in reality it was a 700lb fat ass who hasn't left her bed for at least a year. He also would use Lumberloon. So he fucked his uncle and used that to say, i lost my virginity
Person 1: I use mega knight
Person 2: Fuck you i hope you end up in hell you finger yourself for life.
Person 1: I already do
by Big Black Monkey Balls July 28, 2022
Lil Yachty took the wooooooooooock here. This is the only reason why it exists
Person 1: Lil yachty took the who to Poland?
Person 2: He took the wooooooooooock to Poland.
Lil Yachty: I took the wooooooooooock to poland.
by Big Black Monkey Balls October 25, 2022
Anyone who uses this card combo in the popular mobile game Clash Royale is a fucking faggot and has decided to say, "fuck these hoes, I ain't getting none of them". And fingers themself to make them either feel nice or fantasize about it. They also watch hentai so they can dream of their "dream" girl. If that "dream" girl is alive, probably just cares abt them as much as they care about their former goals, AKA a entrepreneur. Instead they become a porn user, not a star.
Person 1: Yo I play clash royale like a lad
Person 2: What deck
Person 1: A cheap deck but the main cards are megaknight witch.
Person 2: Go fucking kys you contribute nothing to society

Person 1: Damn
by Big Black Monkey Balls August 19, 2022