The worst insult that could be said to anyone
Kid one: Hey superminecraftgamer69, i bet you only have 5 minecraft diamonds
Kid two: hell you
Kid one: im telling my mommy!
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this is when you are strongly against what somebody says
I'm going out to a party tonight, I'll be back tomorrow morning. The hell you are
by what do i care 125 May 23, 2021
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Response to an unfathomable action statement made by another person. The respondent simply and sternly explains this will not take place. Ex: son is not allowed somewhere, but tells his parents, "I'm going anyways!" The parents may respond with, "like hell you are!" Respondent may feel the person had a lot of 'nerve' to say such a thing.
Lover tells their partner during an anniversary they are going to a club instead of spending it with them. Their partner would respond "like hell you are!" Meaning you aren't going, period.
by Thisjusthappened November 10, 2013
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meaning "bullshit!!" calling bullshit, and to hell with what you say
" hey they got a warrant out for your arrest"

"to hell you say"
by southernapplachiaman August 3, 2009
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A generic, covertly sarcastic response to a really stupid comment.
"My '88 Caddy is the hottest thing on the road, dude!"

"The hell you say."
by Patrick W. Crabtree January 9, 2008
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Holy Man: "And if thy tongue offend thee, cut it off:"
Literal Dumbo: "The hell you say!"
Holy Man: "Past the end of your nose and over your head..." (facepalm)
by preciousbritches July 6, 2013
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