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A mobile game which drives people crazy for losing trophies and grabs lots of money for their creators, Supercell, by having players buy in-game gems. It is basically a cash grabber, as it partially forces you to buy their stuff while having broken matchmaking and balance which ruins the fun.
I stopped playing clash royale 2 days ago, a lot of pay-to-winners beat me and I dropped to 0 trophies which make me throw my phone.
by A dying goat September 08, 2017
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a bunch of coloured pixels specifically arranged to make money for the arrangers and invoke excitement
it also has sound effects
Stew Pid played clash royale in 2017 and had a laughing attack when he was 3 crowned
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The mobile game that requires 10Gbps of Internet speed to play without seeing a nightware wifi icon.
Clash Royale works best with blazing fast internet.
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by kevindong June 12, 2017
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A shitty game where you get your ass kicked by pay to win players and you fucking destroy your moms bank account to get a single fucking legendary. Then you stop playing the game and realize “Wow, I am a fucking disgrace to the whole family!”
You still play clash Royale?

Does your mom has any money left in her bank account?
by Dat_Boi33 February 14, 2018
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Worst fucking thing to play when you are on shitty wifi. You can see everything the fucking enemy is doing but can't do a thing other than wait and die. So fucking annoying, Sup Erc Ell ripped of Supercell. A fucking rip off, totally not worth the 83.3 mb of space. I would rather use that space for a porno or something.
Do you play clash royale?

Shut the fuck up about that laggy fucking game or I'll rip off your arms and beat you to death with them
by Ray Muhhmad June 06, 2016
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Another $supercell game that used to be rather fun but turned into a game about credit card. And the only people who even bother to spend $300 just to upgrade some pixelated cartoon character holding a cannon are rich 12 year olds who steal their parents credit card or working adults.
Clash royale=

Lvl 11 with max e barbs- (upon winning) Laugh face, Thanks!
Free to play level 11- "Well paid!"
by Crediblesea July 20, 2018
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A kick-ass game after succeeding clash of clans. Everyone just abandons clash of clans and plays this kick -ass game.
CoC Noob: Whats Clash Royale?
Me: A kick-ass game that should go off the charts.
by XSaltyMan July 11, 2016
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