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The most stupid most fucking annoying type of paid to win shit you can buy in a game if you buys this you automatically spend all your live saving on this paid to win bullshit mobile game called clash royale You dont only spend it in Some crappy mobile game definitely spend it on male prostitutes and wish you pulled friends or some bicthes
Pearson 1:i have pass royale
Pearson 2:stfu Dumbass 9 year old with pass royale
by DFngibgrjg March 10, 2022
he did
Your dad left
by DFngibgrjg March 21, 2022
Just another Word for being a single virgin with no friends no dad nobody to love and overall some dumbasses
Who can never win a game at all if you combine mega night with rage and tornadoe you will surely wanna make your opponent wann comit sucide in some paid to win bullshit mobile game
Hi im a virgin with brain cancer cause i use mega knight
by DFngibgrjg March 10, 2022
Some bullshit pay to win game usually played by virgins who never speaked or touched some bicthes Or seen there dad they usually are virgins who spend their life saving on gems or pass royale or male prostitue
by DFngibgrjg March 10, 2022
Some app mainly runned by 10 year old's and 15 year old's who think their the shit then some Cringy anime fans And some completely crappy Guide lines i got token down for showing a anime female then im not done you have cringy anime fan who calculated and did the math to figure out the size of someone underwear i hope you put this type of energy into a job So overall there's a crap ton of bots here so overall its worse than twitter crappy guidelines crappy people and crappy Videos
Pearson 1:What do you use for social meadia?
Faggot:tik tok
Pearson 1:I use snap also stfu and never talk to me again
by DFngibgrjg March 21, 2022