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"Yo Mef wheres my killa teeth at?"

Dirty Mef (421 the Day After...)

by Jeff Jang October 25, 2006
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mef-derived from the insult meffa or indeed mephloid.
Someone of limited inteligence/extreme clumsyness.
or indeed someone whose limited spacial awareness and general geekiness makes them satnd out from the crowd of geeks
by FITZNICENTIGHTLY October 14, 2004
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Highly skilled gamer, not to be confused with 'meth' or similars.
"mef u want a game of q3 m8?"
by Aaron September 13, 2003
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A word of no meaning other to certify you heard what the other person said, it conveys no emotion. Most commonly used on an instant messenger to stop someone bothering you. Can be used in place of swear words in everyday life.
1. Person A: Are you ok? Person B: Mef
2. Person A: Is something wrong? Person B: Mef
3. DVD fails to record a tv program you wanted to see but could catch another time 'mef' said outloud
by Candlemoth October 02, 2006
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Mortal Enemy Forever. The opposite of BFF
He was once my BFF, but then he committed a grevious crime and became my MEF
by DoomLord June 25, 2009
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