A sexual favor performed by a fast food employee that is currently working a scheduled shift.
"Meet me in the back room and I'll give you a Mc Job!"
by k. jordan May 18, 2007
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Blow job provided by an employee of a fast-food chain in order to supplement her (/his) meagre salary. The yield of this act of private enterprise may then be used to supplement the restaurant's mayo supply.
How about stepping out-back for a McJob? $30?
by john bond November 15, 2003
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a really crappy job, usually at McDonald's that pays less than minimum wage and offers no way to move up
no high school diploma
your virginity
still lives with mom
boy: oh yeah, i heard miguel got a mcjob
girl: god, hes such a loser
by kait December 09, 2003
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Low-grade, unstimulating blow job with few benefits and no prospects.
Currently, the dictionary definition of McJob is a low-wage, unstimulating job with few benefits. However, if McDonalds Inc are successful in their campaign to have this definition removed from the dictionary, it could be replaced with this one.
by Elmwood_destroyer_of_words March 25, 2007
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Also spelled MC-JIHAD.

A holy war mainly waged against hashbrowns.
Abdullah waged his own personal MC-Jihad against McDonalds
by billy graham December 03, 2003
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A blowjob at McDonalds, usually done in a restroom under unstanitary conditions.
by Mrmcjob December 07, 2003
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Taken from the "Mc"-based spelling of most menu items at McDonalds (e.g. McChicken, McFlurry), a McJob is what a McDonald's employee has.

Contrary to popular definition, jobs at McDonald's are not low paying nor dead-end - from the looks of things they've really shaped up, since it's the only thing a high school or college GRADUATE can get these days. Even if you're an experienced PHP programmer, video editor, and computer technician, the best job you can get these days is "flippin' burgers" at McDonald's.

Of course, the term applies to an employee of any fast food restaurant, though the slang term now applies less to McDonald's employees, but more to farm workers, immigrants, and other people who can do nothing more than bang their chest and grunt. They get McJobs. Not McDonald's employees. ^-^
"d00d, jack has a Mcjob!"
"Does he work at McDonald's?"
"um yeah?"
"The he has a job. What do you do?"
*dusts off grass* "pick grapes!"
"You have a McJob."
"ohhhh, no i does not!!!!i!i!!11oneone"
by Falcon4 March 28, 2005
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