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Cutesy name for vagina, in use for years but not as popular as pussy, cooter, pink taco, bearded clam, et al. Although it has been gathering popularity due to Oprah yelling "Ouch! My Va-jay-jay!!!!!" in one episode where she was being flung around with some bungee cables that apparently were pinching her stale va-jay-jay.
Tony: Dude, wait, did Oprah just yelled "ouch, my va-jay-jay"?

Jim: I do believe so. was Gayle anywhere to be found?
by Erik3k June 15, 2007

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When you get oral sex from a clown.
oh yeah, keep doing it like that! Please suck harder! oooh yeah! ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my God! That was a great mcjob, Ronald!
by Erik3k March 24, 2007

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When you happen to fart and burp at the same time.
*burp* *baaarp*, god, that was a double ender! i think i may have to wipe!
by Erik3k March 02, 2006

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