3 definitions by emily and chad

A term defining any type of music heard inside an elevator, super market, or coffee shop.
"Gah! someone stop this horrendous muzzak!"

"At least when the elevator breaks loose and starts plummeting towards the earth below we will be dancing and flailing and acting as jovial as possible whilst listening to our muzzak"
by emily and chad February 9, 2003
A for social outcasts to mingle and talk of breasts and cheese.
"Dude, did you see LUE yesterday? It was so paperbag"
by emily and chad June 10, 2003
This term is as relaxed as any words involving work is, a mcjob is a 'job' in which you get payed zero to no dollars, it will not allow you to advance any further than cashier, and or it leaves you feeling as though you've been raped and left out in the rainy streets of new york by 10 burly men.
"My first job was as mcjob as they come,I got payed 6 dollars an hour to eat fried chicken off this chinese bloke's ass."

"A mcjob is something we stole from a book named generation x, don't kill us"

"My mother forced me into getting a mcjob, then in which I quit to go fuck my girlfriend and dance naked in front of the tv while playing sonic the hedgehog."
by emily and chad February 9, 2003