This term is as relaxed as any words involving work is, a mcjob is a 'job' in which you get payed zero to no dollars, it will not allow you to advance any further than cashier, and or it leaves you feeling as though you've been raped and left out in the rainy streets of new york by 10 burly men.
"My first job was as mcjob as they come,I got payed 6 dollars an hour to eat fried chicken off this chinese bloke's ass."

"A mcjob is something we stole from a book named generation x, don't kill us"

"My mother forced me into getting a mcjob, then in which I quit to go fuck my girlfriend and dance naked in front of the tv while playing sonic the hedgehog."
by emily and chad February 08, 2003
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the worst job with the best people. where people only spit in your food if you fuck with them or their girlfriend. where you can walk around a corner and see someone say "connie, don't make me smackabitch!" and all 3 of you laugh your asses off together. Where you can make gay jokes with a gay manager and have him laugh along with you.
I hate to love my mcjob, but i REALLY love to hate it.
by fuckbag58 October 17, 2007
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an Enron 401K plan

What you have left after your company screws you.

Would you like fries with that Mr. Lay?
At least I still have my mcjob.
by Enrico Fermi November 28, 2003
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Pretty much what graduates of the class of 2003 are going to have to settle for.
Man, my mcjob at that fast food joint is taking me nowhere, but I can't find anything better.
by quamp July 21, 2003
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When you get oral sex from a clown.
oh yeah, keep doing it like that! Please suck harder! oooh yeah! ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my God! That was a great mcjob, Ronald!
by Erik3k March 24, 2007
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(N.) Taken from McDonalds, a McJob is a minimum wage paying job, that requires litlle to no education that offers little or no advancement or pay. In short, the only thing High School Dropouts can get to make money. (Also, handing out flyers in front of a store with a mascot outfit on.)
Hey, Diego has a McJob, doesn't he? Wait, wait, I don't think so. Hold up. Diego could'nt have a McJob. He'd be too busy jacking off into the McFryer to be able to hold down a McJob. He's just a 28 year old bum in his mama's house. That's why he spends 16 hours a day on the internet.
by G-Union November 25, 2003
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