If you look up this on urbandictonary, you're an ever bigger idiot than the people who look up 5 dollars.
6 dollars isn't much money.
by nobody27330 October 7, 2018
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the joke of a Subadouche you see in those gay 6 dollar shirt ads. this hobo was probably paid $6 to pose for this sorry ass company.
the 6 dollar hobo gets shit thrown at him every time he goes out into public because of his ridiculous looking poses in the ads.
by i hate $6 shirt ads January 3, 2010
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the stupid bitch posing for 6 dollar shirt ads. chances are, she has another job on a soft-core porn site because she is wearing no bra.
6 dollar hoe is what that gay shirt should say. maybe then she'd give some desperate nerds wood.
by i hate $6 shirt ads January 3, 2010
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going into a carwash and rolling down all your windows when you reach the blowers at the end.
ill never forget my first 6 dollar blowjob, i got hit in the face with every loose object in my car
by lethallee June 26, 2011
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6. the dollar is an ironic meme coming from late 2019-early 2020. It's a frame from the SpongeBob Squarepants episode "The Wet Painters". It was then featured in the YouTube video in the "top ten spongebob funny faces.wmv" YouTube video as 6th place. The scene represents the two characters, SpongeBob and Patrick trying to clean Mr.Krabs's first dollar, kept in a frame given that some paint fell on it.
sigbeqboibe😭💀 wy hw nugq loko liwk rhhsi😭😭 6. the dollar
by Leo the almighty idiot January 9, 2021
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