Any menial, low-paying, unskilled, dead-end job, including (but not limited to) those in the fast food industry, which requires zero creative or intellectual involvement, and whose sole motivation is a paycheck (i.e., no one works a McJob because they like it or care about the work). The employee may also be required to wear a silly and degrading uniform. Examples outside of the food service industry include Wal-Mart greeter and movie ticket clerk.

McJobs are usually filled by teenagers, bored retired people looking for something to do, retards, and struggling single parents in need of a second income.

Turnover is high, but because practically anyone has the skills necessary to perform a McJob, the company can just hire more interchangeable McEmployees off the streets.

The term's allusion to mass-produced fast food implies both the mechanical, unfulfilling nature of the work, and the disposable, interchangeable manner in which the company treats its employees.
We need to expand the skilled job market, not just create more McJobs.
by Greenie December 11, 2003
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The term was derived from McDonald's and the name in part is sort of self explanatory. These are the worst jobs in America. These are the low end of the low end jobs. No one has a job lower than these being that the workers have no authority in these jobs. These jobs are rock bottom due to them being highly unsatisfying. They are often in the field of fast food and retail. There is absolutely no shame in these jobs, but one major characteristic of this job is that no academic or formal education is really required. Not even a high school diploma. Due to this a person has absolutely no opportunity to contribute his or her intellectual ideas being that the job allows little freedom with the strict supervision of the management. People often get frustrated with these jobs, so people are constantly coming and going. The managers, who are often the only ones making living wages there, do not care if a person quits because these jobs are dead end jobs offering no chance for personal growth in the business. It will be just as easy to higher someone else, and most people in those jobs could work like dogs for years and years and never see any growth. They often say when you first start working there that there are a lot of opportunity for advancement in the company, but don't kid yourself. If you ever are promoted in those jobs you must consider yourself lucky. 98% of the people working there do not consider those jobs careers. They are often only part time jobs. If they were careers many of them, including me, would through ourselves in front of a train. Some people feel that even calling them a job is debatable due to the low pay which is not a living wage. A person can not live on a seven dollar an hour pay check. The sadest part is how society looks down on these workers so much. With our government and economy being the way it is many people will find themselves working in a McJob anyway. Also, the world needs fast food workers. If there were no McDonald's workers there would be no McDonald's and we all know that America loves fast food. They should come up with a definition that is below Blue Collar like "rag collar" because that is what a McJob is.
Fast Food Manager: When I come back you better have those toilets cleaned! By the way here is your $150 dollar check for the past two weeks. Tuck in your shirt. You need some class to work this job now here is your're apron with a picture of a pig on it. Wear it with pride!
Fast Food Worker: Fuck this McJob!
by DisgruntledWorker August 13, 2008
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A low-skilled, low-paying job.
I got a McJob at McDonalds, so shut the McKuck up.
by warewolff December 19, 2003
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An occupation.
It is Urban for:My life is fucked up.
"I have a McJob."
"Man, you are fucked up."
by Zach G. November 25, 2003
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A low end, shitty job in the fast food or retail sector. These jobs may include janitor, fast food worker, (below management) retail sales clerk, etc... They all pay way below living wages (and I mean way below!). No one could call these jobs a McCareer because there is no career in these jobs. These jobs are typically dead end jobs. Some people are promoted to a management level, but that is the exception rather than the norm. The only people who make a living wage there are managers, but even they are very poor. They barely get by, and they have to put in many hours of work. In a sense managers just have "Semi-McJobs" as I call it. These jobs often include little to no benefits as the corporations care very little about the employees. Unfortunately unethical treatment of the employees often goes unnoticed. It is also a shame that people are arrogant enough to assume that McJob workers are stupid, and that is why they are there. The only reason people work these jobs is for money. Plus these jobs are often temporary. They are good for pocket money and nothing else. Luckily most people do get better than having to work McJobs their whole lives because McJobs fucking suck! There is no shame in working a McJob, but one would have to be crazy to make that a career.
McJob Worker: Just give me until my first two years of college are up, and then maybe I can hopefully advance in something other than some shitty McJob!
by Young and Sexy October 17, 2008
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description of a shitty unskilled job. The name refers to the buiness of mcdonalds, and usually is intended to mean shitty unskilled job at a fast food restorant.
"I worked that mcjob for 2 years, never got laid eather."
by Nick H. November 25, 2003
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Any position offered by the multi-national burger chain which may or may not be dead-end in nature.
I'm working down at Maccy D's five nights a week. 4.50 and hour and all thr fries I can eat. Not bad for a McJob.
by theLangster September 15, 2006
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