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A job. One that every fucker thinks is easy, try it see how soon you change your mind.

involves crap hours, yet the staff are close knit..by the hatred of the customer.

Day to day tasks involve:

1)licking the ass of the guy who just threw his burger at you because it was cold...(he had sat there for 20mins before bringing it back)

2) Putting up with drunks unable to understand that beef needs to be cooked before we can give it to them.

3) Taking Stress and the slack because the idoit who is supposed to start at 11 has decided to come in.

4) Dealing with tramps who go though the bins to get cold products to complain about.

exmples of a typical shift for a mcjob worker

Tramp "my burger is cold"
Staff "dude i just saw you take it out the bin"
Manager " yea i'm sorry we cant exchange that"
Tramp "but i neeedsss my cheeseburger"

Time 10:55p.m (5 min till closing)

Staff "hey can i help ya?"
Drunk " --" (subtitles unable to understand)
Staff " sorry what was that?"
Drunk "i said i wanted a 5 big macs you fucking idoit"
Staff "okay sorry,, yep okay it'll be about 3mins for that?"
Drunk" okay"

--money exchanges hands---
Time 10:56p.m.

Drunk "Wheres my fucking burger, been waiting 20mins!!!"
Staff "its been a mintue not long now"
Drunk " daft cuntt! gimmie my fuckin money backk"
Staff "okay sure"
Manager "there you go sorry about that"
Drunk "taking piss outta me?"
-- drunken rage ensues, usually involving chairs thrown, smashed windows etc.--
"haha that dude works for maccys what a loser!" - BMW Driver

"fuck you and your 16 thousand children, least i have a job and not living on benefits " - Mcjob staff to Father complaing about his happy meals...all 16 thousand of them.
by mcwoker February 04, 2010

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