A low-skilled, low-paying job.
I got a McJob at McDonalds, so shut the McKuck up.
by warewolff December 19, 2003
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NOUN Slang. A job, usually in the retail or service sector, that is low paying, often temporary, and offers minimal or no benefits or opportunity for promotion.
by John Smith July 03, 2003
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any job that has no challenge or variety
this mc job is so fricken dull I gotta' find something else.
by l b johnson November 08, 2003
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Job choices that are presented when all one has strived for is a McEducation. Usually involves those that have a McAttitude and McMentality. Usually not race or class based, but based on culture. Can also be caused by having McParents.
Even though (Bubba, Laquicia, Jose, Bobbie-Lee) graduated from high school with good grades, all that would ever be available would be a McJob.
by Glen November 29, 2003
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A job at McDonald's where you get low pay and deal with nasty greasy burgers and cranky customers all day.
Mandy's mom got her a Mcjob, and mandy's worked there for 3 years

Where did Mandy's life go!!!!!!!
by Mia December 12, 2003
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A job that is low paying, and a low talent job... See Micker
Mcdonalds has mcjobs.
by cartman5000 July 29, 2004
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A menial, soul-crushing, minimum-wage job that many of us are stuck at with no other options, for the simple reason that we lack some piece of paper saying we're smart.

This doesn't stop spoilt fucks from calling us losers, however.
McJob? At least I've got a damn job you leeching shit. Enjoy your spitburger, fuckface.
by caddon January 29, 2007
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