adj., used to describe a dream-crushing, breaking, moment.
The soul-crushing moment, when your opponent lands a winning goal on table-soccer, but you've been try-hading all along.
by Naimru July 29, 2020
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adj., used to describe a demeaning, overwhelming, deadly boring, or otherwise psychologically damaging corporate job...
"Working for was sucking my humanity out... after the latest death march I decided to ditch that soul-crushing place and get myself a nice job at Microsoft."
by Anna South May 3, 2007
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v adj n. to voluntarily suspend a person's beliefs or thought process, in a shadow of doubt that everything they once adhered to was either bullshit or biased. This act usually incures the reciever to experience uncharacterized behavior or reasoning for any amount of time. Depending on where/how they were raised promotes longevity or eventual acceptance of said new philosophies or rationale.
This requires the producer to be well versed and most times either high(ly accredited) or drunk.

it can be induced with stronger force when reciever is under the influence as well.
*note: the grammatically correct but pointless dash between the two words is removed for extra umph!
adj. so-and-so from work sat there speechless after my soul crushing comment.

n. I did some wicked soul crushing last night on some narrowed-minded ladies last night, they didn't know how to react after I quoted thier own book on them.

v. You are soul crushing him with your philosophical talk!
by nogoodnames June 29, 2010
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A simple task involving many small steps or the same simple task repeated many times across different data. Largely mindless but some level of attention must be paid in order to avoid having to repeat the entire task.
Having to go through the entire book and count the times the word 'and' was used was a Soul Crushing Task.
by Scottrof September 2, 2008
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It consist on crushing someone soul by only looking into their eyes the moment you curse them.
Random guy: Hey little girl, why are you crying?

Little girl: (crying)

Random guy (to himself): Bitch got soul crushed.
by Mindcurse66 January 23, 2014
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