Sorry about that

A phrase insincere rude challenging Sarcasm usually employs irony and a very nasty sneer. not a sincere apology. fuck you asshole, who gives a fuck. condensing
dirty fork the waitress says "sorry about that"
by bm2navy August 7, 2018
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A sarcastic phrase used after something you just did or said that seriously offended someone around your immediate area and caused them to call it to your attention. These things usually pertain to a lewd or racist comments; however, they also include degrading women(who fucking suck) or other shitty people and things(asians,faggots, ect.) Actions may consist of hitting a pussy or throwing a rock at a police officer. The phrase is used in order to shake fucking haters off your back who get mad when you do something that they deem is not socially acceptable. Normally we would tell them to go fuck their mother but in some situations we just politely say "Sorry about it" In essence it really means the exact same thing but this is a more elegant way of implying it. The use of the term was brought into widespread use around Washington D.C. by Gonzaga's swim trip to Florida, its original founders were Jackson Stainglass, Cnork Fitzjerald and Timmie Berry however once back at school it was immediately conformed to by Mattu Skabwinskie, Jack Kyle and Willy Nevs. As a result of their extreme funniness and people trying to fucking be them, others have adopted the term. Gonzaga kids have always had free will to use it but those stupid fucks from Visitation, whores from Ireton and poor ass Public School kids hold no rights to the phrase. Also basically anyone on facebook who doesn't go to Gonzaga is a fucking poser and should have their vaginas dildoed with a goddamn knife.
White Person: Fuck yea my family had slaves!
Black Kid: Fuck did you say?
White Kid: Sorry about it

Teacher: Did you do your homework?
Student: Fuck no this class sucks
Teacher: Excuse me?
Student: Sorry about it

Kid: Fuck you cunt
Officer: What did you just say?
Kid: I said sorry about it

Homeless Freak: Can you spare some change?
Kid: No sorry about it

Boy: I think we should break up
Girl: But you said you loved me thats the only reason we had sex...
Boy. Sorry about it

Kid: Hey bitch make me a sandwich

Mom: Do not ever use those vulgarities in front of me, how dare you.
Kid: Sorry about it
by Klit Oris January 12, 2011
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1. A sarcastic apology. Used to rub salt in someone's wound.

2. An apology with attitude.
Guy: I thought we were having sex tonight.
Girl: Yah, no. Sorry about that time.
by FuchsiaMM February 27, 2006
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A "get out of jail free" card for cleaning
syn. Stop judging me.
Sorry about the mess. It hasn't gotten bad enough for me to actually clean it yet.
by Yingerman July 16, 2015
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When a male purchases a sports car to offset the fact that he has a small penis in the hopes of getting laid.
Jim had no choice but to buy a brand new Porsche to help him get down her pants. We all thought to ourselves "Sorry about your penis".
by Broomy3 January 8, 2009
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1. Insult that suggests someones face is a bit messed up, ugly, gross etc.

2. A goodbye to use when on the phone. This replaces what you would normally say as a farewell. This also works better if said very quickly, followed by abruptly hanging the phone up.
1. Fuck you Dave and I'm sorry about your face.

2. "Ok mum, i gotta go. Sorry about your face." And then hang up the phone.
by lazyjarod December 26, 2011
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