the act of escaping a friends group to have public sex
Andres ‘Hey, guys where are you right now?’
C&N ‘Sorry, we are going to be late.. just had McFlurry.’
by Haocock March 02, 2020
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McFlurry: the act of defecating on ones chest, then rubbing assorted Mn'Ms into it
C Jay gave Shannon a McFlurry last night...

That's disgusting...
by sanzo4297 August 22, 2011
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When you ejaculate into someone during anal sex, and after you pull out they fart on you.
After I finished in the chicks ass last night, I pulled out and she gave me a McFlurry.
by RottonOrganic September 24, 2012
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I was heading to the bathroom, but before I did I gave my wife a McFlurry.
by Koolaid Johansen March 20, 2017
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HA HA, McFlurry just scored a goal (NHL 95)! ..."ain't that icecream yo?"
by Joltinjoe10 December 02, 2011
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A frozen confection from McDonalds with different toppings such as: M&Ms, Oreo, and GRANOLA. Also is never mixed by the incompetent staff of employees.
Mike: Can I have a McFlurry, MIXED.
Ryan: MIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Employee: Excuse me?

by Bob Tracy December 14, 2004
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The McFlurry is a pre/post-sentence appendage (written or verbal) used in colloquial arbitration and debate to confer confidence in one’s statements and invoke a lighthearted challenge with a friendly inconsequential wager - a McDonald's McFlurry. Direct translation of a "McFlurried" statement may read, “I bet you a McFlurry that (insert sentence).”

It should be noted that reconciliary collection of owed McFlurries is often not practiced amongst friends.

It should also be noted that challenges capitalized by a McFlurry do not always have to be measurable and are often subjective in nature (see example 3).
1. I'd work you. McFlurry.
2. McFlurry she's a man.
3. McFlurry I'm way sweeter than you.
by WillieWillie December 10, 2010
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