1. Premier hockey league in the world, playing host to the greatest talents to ever hit the ice. 2. Also, the NHL is in big trouble with the pending CBA.
I love the NHL, it kicks the NBA's ass.
by rangerfriek21 June 11, 2004
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National Hockey League. Professional Hockey league in the US and Canada.
Way better than MLB and it is as good as NFL and NBA.
by Sagzag February 4, 2004
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National Hockey League. Consists of 30 teams. 7 teams are in Canada the remaining 23 are based in the United States. The best, all around team in the U.S. is the Anaheim Ducks, formally known as The Mighty Ducks. As being the best team in the NHL, they also have/had the best players, ie; Ryan Getzlaf (03'-present), Corey Perry (03'-present), Paul Karyia (93'-05') and last but not least, the best player to have ever played the sport Teemu Selänne (96'-01' 05'-14').
Who's your favorite team in the NHL? Your kidding right? It's the Ducks, don't be stupid.
by 3:54AM August 1, 2014
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NHL: "new hockey league" because that is what will be needed in order for the hockey to continue on this planet
owner: I was paying you 1 trillion dollars before the lockout. I have now figured out that I cannot afford to pay you that much so how about I pay you a little less than a trillion.

player: No way, I want 2 trillion please
by Ryan66 June 29, 2005
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A gang founded in west Fontana, better known as west side fontana(WSF). With no racial preferences, is one the fastes growing organizations out in the game. "Not fearing, but knowing that one day you're going to die" are the words that almost every gang member lives up to and this is why is one of the most dangerous sets out there. To "live fast & die young" is one of set's main goal.
NHL gets it's money from prostitution rings and drug traffiking.
-fuck south fontana, its all bout da west side fontana, NHLs
by Yike$ April 4, 2008
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The National Hockey League: The premiere league for the greatest sport on earth. No, the NHL does NOT lack fan interest. Since the salary cap has been instituted and new rules have made, the league has become less of a goon sport and more of an action/excitement sport. The NHL is slowly increasing in popularity whereas the NBA is losing popularity.
by fuckbasketball69 October 1, 2006
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