Very last. Behind everyone else. Everyone is ahead of you. The very last time.
Dammit, I'm ass last again!

That's the fucking ass last time I invite anyone over for a party.
by MoonKnight September 01, 2003
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If a pimp is going to take a chance, a bitch must give him money in advance.
A ho doesn't get to fuck a pimp until she pays him. A ho has got to put it in a pimp's pocket like a rocket before pimpin' can begin. It's not about a pimp breaking a ho, it's about a ho breaking herself.
Pimp - "Bitch, break yourself, Purse First Ass Last!"

Ho - "Pimp Daddy, what can you do with this money that I
can't do with it myself' If you can answer that, I will
break myself."

Pimp - "Bitch, I can go to the motherfucking hardware
store, get some duct tape, tape that money
on the wall, and piss on it. That's what a I can do
that a you can't!" I'm the pimp and you're the ho".
"So act like the quarterback and pass the
motherfucking bankroll."

Ho - "Yes Daddy"
by AnTione Tha Don November 10, 2010
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A sex act where you bend the girl over the table and put three cold dildos(2 in the pink one in the stink). Then your put aloe on your dick and shove it as far as you can in there, ripping her ass into pieces.
I just gave Mitchell's mom the last ass bender last night. I think she is now not able to walk.
by Damnstr8mmmmm November 13, 2017
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