A delectable dessert with a rectangular slab of ice cream (usually vanilla), and 2 cookies or wafers (usually chocolate chip and chocolate, respectively) on the top and bottom of the ice cream.
Ice Cream Vendor: Who wants an ice cream sandwich?
Random Guy: I do!
by Silver the Hedgehog 77 January 12, 2015
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Umm... two pieces of delicious chocolate-ness with ice cream in the middle sold at grocery stores??

(a definition not involving ass-fucking or shit-and-ejaculation-eating for once)
Yummy, my mother brought me home an ice cream sandwich. And no, it didn't have shit nor cum on it.
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noun, plural ice cream sandwiches

1. The act of filling a vagina with whipped cream and then proceeding to eat her out while enjoying a creamy snack.

2. A summer delicacy.
1. I just gave Stacy's mom the greatest ice cream sandwich.

2. That was a really good ice cream sandwich, I think I shall have another.
by Neighborhood spiderman May 26, 2012
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1: literally my favorite dessert involving ice cream placed between two cookies or wafers! that's it! nothing inappropriate!!
My friend: Hey i brought some ice cream sandwiches from the store!
Me: Oh, thanks! What flavor?
My friend: Vanilla!
by LilytheAce November 28, 2021
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When a white bitch is being fucked on either side by two black guys.
Black guy 1: Did you and Jay'Reese Ice Cream Sandwich that bitch?
Black guy 2: Hell yeah we did. She was fucking begging for mercy.
by Pfaff December 27, 2013
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When one is hittin a girl anal-style, and she shits on the floor, then the guy cums in the shit and makes her eat it. Imagine a long thick brown turd with a nice few strips of jizz in the middle, resembling an ice cream sandwich.
"yo man, i was poundin this sluts ass, and she started shitting on the floor, so i just let off in her shit and made her eat that shit like it was an ice cream sandwich!"
by vic tha sick dick June 28, 2006
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an ice cream sandwich is when a skinny white guy is fucked from both ends by two fat ugly black chicks. Also known as the brownie sundae.
Johanna Lickum and her girl had an ice cream sandwich
by Dick Lickum May 16, 2006
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