–verb (used without object)
1. To get shithammered drunk with the intentions of causing a scene. Often resulting in walking home on your own accord whilst mad for no legitimate reason from Fresno's Tower district to Northern Fresno.

2. Never graduating from College and moving to Bakersfield, California.

-noun (initial capital letter)
1. McClure is Supreme.
"Do you need a ride home Ryan?"

"Nah nigga I'm straight, I'm gonna pull a McClure and throw Jon's school books on the side of the street and then tell him to fuck off and walk home."

"Cool, be easy."
by hollaRDUB April 30, 2009
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(1) noun- a rare amazing find in a girl who is a nymph, yet only seeks one partner
(2) verb- to rape someone with ease, but they actually really enjoy it and are thankful afterwards
(1)Can I hit yo girl? She's a sex addict right?
Yeah but shes a McClure, her vajayjay belongs to me alone!
(2)He said he was too tired, but I fuckin McClured his ass. And he fuckin loved it.
by Yo momma bitch November 9, 2007
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If you've ever met a McClure you know they're furries and fuck animals with almost like a Furry Pickle. We hate the McClures but Love them at the same time. They've all fucked a Trist and even though it may be a small one they all loved it. They also are super stoopid.
BIG Bertha: Have you met the McClures?
Small Berta: Ya they all fucked my childhood dog :(
Sasha: They fucked my brother Trist at 2 :(
BIG Bertha: Oh I fucked Trist too :)
by Big Berthy Cock MAN May 30, 2023
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Most commonly ginger and short in all the wrong places.Annoying and suffers from a rare liver condition-Jaundice.Beats up anyone who preaches religion.
That David McClure is so Jaundiced
by garage13 April 28, 2009
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A phrase numerous people shout out when an unfortunate event occurs with nobody to blame.
Ryan: "Hey chad go on youtube."
Chad: "I can't the internets down."
Ryan: "Damn McClure!"
by DeTurk August 17, 2008
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A faggot that smells bad and nobody likes. Niggers smell better.
Holy fuck Jackson McClure is a clusterfuck in itself.
by CowboysBetter420 September 25, 2019
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A title or name applied to a person who takes his or her application of stupidity, malice, or simply being an asshole to such overblown and exaggerated levels that it is almost awe-inspiring.
I cannot believe that guy cut me off, ran up over the curb, and then verbally assaulted that old lady for trying to avoid being ran over! He must be Fuckbag McClure!

For he is Fuckbag McClure! The Qwisatz Haderach of assholes!
by Exxos April 30, 2010
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