In Greek and Roman mythology, a nymph is a nature spirit in the guise of an attractive maiden. Inhabiting forests, fields, caves, mountains, lakes, the sea, nymphs often suffered the attentions of men, notably those of the gods; the free-spirited Daphne turned herself into a laurel tree to avoid Apollo's amorous advances.

Today, "nymph(ette)" refers to a sultry but too-young girl or to a nymphomaniac, a woman who has an insatiable sexual appetite (i.e., a woman who has the sexual drive of a man).
The nymph Calypso, selfishly thinking of her own desires, kept the miserable, long-suffering Odysseus on her island as a prisoner, hoping to win his love, ignoring that he wanted to return to his family.
by Lorelili November 10, 2006
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1, A shortcut for nympho which means a woman who is very sexualy driven.
2, A supernatural being who uses the power of sex to lure men.
1, I wish my girlfriend was a nympho, then we would already be in 3:rd base
2, Dont step to far into the woods, or the nymphs will get you!
by Mastikator November 04, 2004
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One thing I learned in English while doing the Greek Myth unit: A nymph is a whore- that can turn into a tree.

I think that is rather funny.
When I learned that- I started calling my friend Alex a 'nymph'- evwen though she is NOT in any ways at all a hoe- I just feel that- that term suits her for some odd reason..........

She can't turn into a tree either- I wih she did though- that would be savage.
by Remy's Bitch February 07, 2005
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1. An extremly horny female, young in age yet expierienced in bed. Craves sex.
Wow Jason, I didn't know your mom was such a nymph untill last night, golly jee.
by Franklinstein July 07, 2005
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Fae of the Underworld. Has a higher sexual drive then most, only after being introduced to sex. Quiet creatures who can charm almost anyone, human or not. vampires if not careful or inexperienced can fall to there charm quickly. Humans stand no chance.

traits of a Nymph:



suffers depression

falls in love once

very promiscuous

won't let nobody see their true feelings

adapts or dies.
goes with your actions I'd thought you'd be a nymph!
by Goddess Hecate April 02, 2016
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1. a young, usually slim and slightly-built female, considered sexually desirable;
2. if short for nympho or nymphomaniac : a woman who craves as much good sex as she can get, but for obvious social reasons at least partly on her own terms
A: Hey, who's that nymph you've been seeing?
B: What, do you know something I don't? I thought Lucy had had only had one or two relationships ....
A: No, you idiot, I just mean she's errm, very good-looking - and a bit young for you, maybe, you old tosser!
by kofi May 09, 2003
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