When a gorgeous girl who claims she is really excited to finally date you, bails last minute.
1. Dude, how did your date go with that gorgeous girl you met?
2. Never went, she McCallumed me!
1. She would... I always thought she was a bit of a butterbod.
2. No way man! She definitely isn't! You are only saying that because you termed the definition for butterbod!
1. oh ya, true.
by robbie and alex December 30, 2009
To hold the joint for long amounts of time thus breaking the puff puff pass rule. Can also include stealing the lighter used to light said joint then asking for another to light it.
Guy 1: Oi mate pass the spliff.
Guy 2: McCallum much?
Guy 3: Shut up, it has gone out. Can I have the lighter?
by Atikz November 29, 2011
A sexy blonde leprechaun-like man.
I usually like tall guys, but I don't mind some hot McCallum dick.
by VirginWoman March 3, 2019
Archer can be defined by one word "SIMP!".
"Oh look, it's Archer McCallum simping for Harper again." Or "Archer McCallum is such a SIMP."
by CM DJDOM October 30, 2020
hes a fricken hottie that can satisfy ;) cyrstal blue eyes is the key to flirting in his department. he is all around awesome!
damn big bertha is a real john mccallum right now
by ribbit toads September 16, 2010
Not completely ghetto because the Fine Arts Academy exists.If you aren't black or mexican you are most likely a white stoner with long greasy hair and a bunch artsy friends. The art people hang out with the art people. The theatre people (who are also obnoxiously annoying) hang out with the theatre and the only "preppy" people are the blubrigade girls and football players who are...what seems the minority. There are a lot of wanna be hipsters.But everyone is so open and different. Who cares about the rich preppy bitches! The hallways are always jam packed,so if you are smart... you walk to your classes outside. LASA sucks.The teachers are cool for the most part. Most of the middle class students take all Pre-AP classes even though they are way hard,take up most of your time, everyone complains about procrastinating, while in regulars classes all the ghetto guys be looking up white girl's skirts and squeezing their asses.There is always someone playing the guitar in the hallway along with some gangsters who swag with their pants halfway down, singing some Lil Wayne song. Skipping and doing weed seems to be what more than half of the school does... in class...but the teachers are too oblivious to notice...if not they do the same. Homecoming is cancelled because everyone goes to ACL instead. if you go to mccallum you will love it.
by rockitabbbbyy January 16, 2012